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Kiinalainen kyky liikuttaa 18/09/2010

Posted by Ilkka Pekanheimo in Positiivinen elämä, TV- ja radioesiintyminen, Valaistuksen laatu.

Sain kiinalaiselta ystävältäni Aaronilta vaikuttavan e-postin. Se kertoo kiinalaisesta Wei Liusta, joka menetti molemmat kätensä lapsena.  Hän on todellinen kyky. Hänellä on ollut enemmän vaikeuksia elämässään kuin monella muulla. Silti hän aina hymyilee ja on positiivinen.

Hello IIkka,

How are you doing? sorry to bothering you at your weekend, i just found a great video which will introduce you a talent Chinese young man, his name is Wei Liu, 22 years old, when he was a child that he lost his arms, but you can always find smile on his face, cuz he like music, he like Piano, thats why the smile are always on his face, he also have a dream like every body, wanna be professional musician one day, so he keep on moving and making effort every day, cuz he is a disabled people so he have to make much more effort than normal people..
Now, almost all the Chinese known him because of a TV-show, named the talent of China. something like UK and USA talent, kindly check the detail information as the following link.

All the people are being touched after finish the show, the show-Judge asked him why can you do this? its amazing and unbelievable.. why? then he answered: i’m a disabled people, but i never think i have difference with the others, whatever i wanted, I can do it, no people said we can only play the piano with the hands…  I like the life, like my parents, like the people who helped me and always encourage me, i like music and have 2 options for my destiny, go to dead immediately or lived optimistic, if i keep on moving, my dream will come true, i respecting the day coming….
All the people being touched or cried after learned that..
I think he teached us a good lesson, no matter how badly we think, no matter we are in trouble or failed, now matter how sadly we are, just check Wei Liu’s video and his story, we will stop blaming and find how lucky we are…
I will show this video to my son in the future, tell him Wei Liu’s story, tell him how lucky and happiness we are.. so we have to cherish our life and family and friends.
Appreciate for your patience and attention..
Happy weekend!

Yours truly,
Juuri tuli uusi linkki Aaronilta: Wei Liu osaa myös laulaa, tässä uusin video.
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